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Linda Ashby

Linda Ashby, CELA Region 1 Director (2014-2017), has been named as recipient of the 2017 Council of Educators in Landscape Architecture President’s Award by CELA Past President Ming-Han Li. The President’s Award is presented annually to an individual who has contributed significantly to a CELA President during his or her term in office.

Ashby was cited by Past President Li as one with a unique voice to the inner workings of the organization, with a particular ability to see larger impacts of singularly focused efforts. Ashby was credited with developing the “Ashby Plan” which led to CELA’s adoption of a new website and communication strategies.

Past President Li recognized Ashby at the closing dinner of the 2017 Conference in Beijing with these remarks:

“I got to know this year’s President’s Award recipient when she was with Landscape Architecture Foundation and later was elected to join the CELA Board. She is Linda Ashby, a CELA Regional Director. Linda is a unique individual who is passionate about helping others; in this case the Council of Educators in Landscape Architecture. Linda is probably the first Board member who is not a faculty member. She challenged herself to enter an organization she was not familiar with but learned to become a key contributor quickly. She is not afraid of asking questions. Her desire is to make CELA a much better and stronger organization. Those who have served on the Board with Linda know that her diligent efforts in assessing our previous website resulted in a comprehensive self-evaluation document. This later was given the name the Ashby Report. On a personal note, she has been offering me advice and opinions to make me a better person to serve CELA. I sincerely thank her for that.”

– Ming-Han Li, FCELA, CELA Past President 2016-17