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Landscape Journal

Landscape Journal

Design, Planning and Management of the Land

James LaGro, Jr. Editor-in-Chief

Editorial Office email:
ISSN: 0277-2426, e-ISSN: 1553-2704
Published twice per year: Spring and Fall

The mission of landscape architecture is supported by research and theory in many fields. Landscape Journal  offers in-depth exploration of ideas and challenges that are central to contemporary design, planning, and teaching. Besides scholarly features, Landscape Journal  also includes editorial columns, creative work, reviews of books, conferences, technology, and exhibitions.

Landscape Journal  digs deeper into the field by providing articles from: landscape architects planners, ecologist, architects, geographers, artist, historians and poets.

In publication since 1982, Landscape Journal  continues to be a valuable resource for academics and practitioners. It is winner of the 2008 Honor Award in Communications from the American Society of Landscape Architects.

Special Issues:
Race, Space, and the Destabilization of Practice, Landscape Journal, vol. 26 #1
The Manifesto in Landscape Architecture, Landscape Journal, vol. 26 #2
Metropolitan Landscape Ecology, Landscape Journal, vol. 27 #1
The Scholarship of Transdisciplinary Action Research: Toward a New Paradigm for the Planning and Design Professions, Landscape Journal, vol. 30 #1
Lawrence Halprin, Landscape Journal, vol. 31 #1–2

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