Council of Educators in Landscape Architecture

Survey Opportunities

CELA (Council of Educators in Landscape Architecture)

Survey Opportunities

The ‘CELA Surveys’ Program allows CELA members to post links to academic-related surveys, for research purposes, which are distributed to other CELA members via the organization’s membership contact list. With a small fee, researchers can utilize the CELA to distribute surveys to other landscape architecture faculty within the CELA membership.


  1. Up to THREE communication emails will be sent out
  2. The survey will be housed on the CELA website (optional)



  • One survey cannot conflict with another survey. The CELA will run only one survey at a time to prevent confusion among survey topics from targeted respondents. Surveys will be prioritized based on their order of request, or a “first come first serve” basis.
  • CELA Surveys will be managed by the CELA Standing Committee on Communications, Outreach (and Publications)

Required Items, Submission, and Payment

Please view and complete THIS FORM to submit today.