Council of Educators in Landscape Architecture

Standing Committee on Organization, Policy, Procedures, and Planning

CELA (Council of Educators in Landscape Architecture)

Standing Committee on Organization, Policy, Procedures, and Planning

Members: Chair President; President Elect, Past President, Treasurer 

Committee Scope:

To review and propose policies, procedures and actions regarding CELA’s organizational efficacy, including CELA Board of Director positions and responsibilities, ad hoc and standing committees’ scope of services, regional development, membership initiatives, and governance toward long-range planning needed to sustain and grow CELA’s mission.

  • Reviewing and updating all documents and contracts
  • CELA position nominations and elections

Committee priorities:

List the expected deliverables related to each goal and expected completion dates. Briefly describe progress on goals.

  1. Define and systemize BOD/ Committee responsibilities from strategic planning session (performance, attendance and evaluation policies). To be implemented in the new Policies and Procedures documents
  2. Assess implementation results of 2012-15 CELA strategic plan and 2016-2018 update, and organizational performance
  3. Review future Standing Committee Priorities in relationship to the current Strategic Plan
  4. Provide a timeline April 2019 – March 2020 of priorities to use in reporting to the CELA Board