Council of Educators in Landscape Architecture

Jessica Fernandez, Region 6 Director Candidate

CELA (Council of Educators in Landscape Architecture)

Jessica Fernandez, Region 6 Director Candidate

Jessica Fernandez is a Faculty Lecturer of Design Communication and Visual Literacy at the University of Georgia College of Environment and Design. She earned her Ph.D. in Planning, Design and the Built Environment from Clemson University. Her research explores the intersection of social and physical constructs in the creation of place for community improvement, as well as the application of emerging technologies and contemporary design communications in landscape architecture. Dr. Fernandez also owns ALPHA Design Studio, a design and visualization firm, and practiced landscape architecture for nearly a decade prior to earning her doctoral degree. She has served as a CELA abstract reviewer for several years and also as a reviewer for Landscape Research Record.

I’m currently a Lecturer in Design Communication and Visual Literacy in the University of Georgia College of Environment and Design, and previously worked as a Lecturer of Landscape Architecture at Clemson University while earning my doctoral degree. I’m pleased to share my qualifications and fit for this position within the content of this letter.  I have a strong history of service both in landscape architectural practice and to the institution. I accepted the role of Faculty Advisor to the Clemson University Student Chapter of ASLA for an academic year and served on Clemson’s School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture Marketing Committees. I’ve been a peer reviewer of abstracts for three CELA conferences, and recently peer reviewed an article for Landscape Research Record. Additionally, I was a jury member at the regional level for the ASLA awards earlier this year, was the Public Relations Chair for the Iowa Chapter of ASLA for two years, and served on multiple ASLA awards juries at the state level. In each of these roles I’ve taken my responsibilities seriously and acted as a proactive and reliable leader or team member.  I’ve reviewed the duties of the CELA Regional Director position and believe that I’d be a strong fit to fulfill these obligations for the stated term of three years. I understand that the responsibilities include regional membership verification, serving on an advisory Standing Committee, relaying regional news, coordinating regional meetings and attending Board and committee meetings and an annual administrator’s lunch. I’d enjoy serving as a student awards juror and recruiting future CELA leaders.

As a Regional Director, I’d also be interested in helping shape the future role of this position into how it can best serve the goals of the organization. And, as an Auburn University and Clemson University alumni, former faculty member at Clemson University, and current faculty member at the University of Georgia, I’m well connected with the academic network through many of the Region 6 states. I truly enjoy creating and maintaining relations with these and other regional institutions, and in this role I’d be comfortable touching base with landscape architecture programs to report and gather information, and to guide how this region engages with CELA on a regular basis.