Council of Educators in Landscape Architecture


CELA (Council of Educators in Landscape Architecture)


The CLASS Fund Research Award is made each year to support a research project related to landscape architecture, horticulture or landscape contracting in the following areas: sustainability; water quality, conservation or use; air quality; climate adaptation or global warming; community capacity building or development; urban land use; sustainable or alternative transportation; urban heat island or greenhouse gas emission impacts; social, cultural and environmental capital; performative landscapes; or green infrastructure.

Faculty from all CELA member schools in good standing within the continental USA are eligible to submit proposals. Faculty in landscape industry fields from other upper-level colleges and universities within the continental USA may also submit proposals.

  • Calendar (20 18-2019)
  • October 1st: CLASS Fund notifies CELA of the award amount for the year.
  • October 1: Call for Proposals is reviewed and edited by CLASS Fund Board and CELA Vice-President of Research and Creative Scholarship (plus Executive Director and President).
  • October 15: Call for proposals is announced
  • November 16: All proposals are due in digital form to CELA,
  • November 19: CELA forwards all proposals to selection jury. Note: CELA pre-screens proposals to make sure the submittals meet certain minimum requirements.
  • December 3: Following two weeks for proposal review, members of the Selection Committee meet via Zoom call to discuss, rank, and decide on the 1st and 2nd choices. (The 2nd choice will not be notified unless the 1st choice withdraws.) The CLASS Fund is then notified of the top ranked proposal. If no objections are raised, the candidate(s) are notified by CELA (CLASS Fund copied) no later than December 3.
  • January 2019: Contracts are initiated and signed; funds are released.
  • At the subsequent meetings of all the organizations (CLASS Fund and CELA) and in the next issue of a trade magazine and / or other appropriate outlet, the winner will be announced. If the winner is present at any of the meetings, they will be recognized.

For more information: CLASS FUND RESEARCH AWARD 2018-2019