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2024 CELA Award Winners

CELA (Council of Educators in Landscape Architecture)

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The CELA Announces its 2024 Annual Award Winners in Landscape Architecture Education

The Council of Educators in Landscape Architecture (CELA) has announced its 2024 Annual Award Winners. This year, the CELA Awards Committee has identified thirteen awardees who exhibit excellence in teaching, research, creativity, and design innovation. The CELA awards serve to not only recognize these individuals, but also to inspire us, elevate our standards, and build this growing community of educators.

Over 56 applicants competed for the two main Faculty and Student Award categories this year. Faculty Awards recognize Excellence in Teaching (Junior and Senior), Excellence in Design Studio Teaching (Junior and Senior), Excellence in Research or Creative Work (Junior and Senior), Excellence in Service Learning (Junior and Senior), Outstanding Educator, and Outstanding Administrator. Student Awards recognize Creative Scholarship and Research.

The 2024 Award winners will be honored on March 22nd (7 pm CT) at an Awards Dinner and Reception at the Annual CELA Conference Taking Action: Making Change held in St. Louis, MO, USA, March 20 through the 23rd, 2024. Media and conference attendees are invited.

2024 CELA Award Winners

Faculty Award Winners 

Excellence in Teaching – JuniorBen George – Utah State University
Excellence in Teaching – SeniorZaneta Hong – Cornell University
Excellence in Teaching – SeniorMichael Lee – University of Virginia
Excellence in Design Studio Teaching – JuniorIgnacio López Busón – University of Oregon
Excellence in Design Studio Teaching – SeniorLeena Cho – University of Virginia
Award of Excellence in Research or Creative Work – JuniorWonmin Sohn – Michigan State University
Award of Excellence in Research or Creative Work – SeniorAlissa North – University of Toronto
Excellence in Service Learning – JuniorLisa DuRussel – University of Michigan
Excellence in Service Learning – SeniorYekang Ko – University of Oregon
Outstanding EducatorGalen Newman – Texas A & M University
Outstanding AdministratorLiat Magolis – University of Toronto


Student Award Winners

Student Creative ScholarshipArda Cosan – Istanbul Technical University
Student Research AwardAisha Iyengar – University of Georgia

Student Honorable Mentions

Student Creative ScholarshipAri Bell – University of Virginia
Student Creative ScholarshipEmily Morton – University of Minnesota
Student Research AwardVictoria Brenneis –  Kansas State University


About CELA:

The Council of Educators in Landscape Architecture (CELA) is composed of virtually all the programs of higher learning in landscape architecture in the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. There also are individual and institutional members from many other parts of the world who belong to the CELA family. All members of the faculties from these institutions are invited to participate in CELA as are others who possess an interest in the academic practice of landscape architecture. The Council of Educators in Landscape Architecture can trace its beginnings to 1920 and for more than ninety years it has been concerned with the content and quality of professional education in landscape architecture. CELA publishes the highest quality research conducted in the profession through its refereed publication, Landscape Journal.

The CELA Awards are an annual program administered by the CELA Awards Committee and overseen by the CELA Board of Directors.  The award nomination process begins in the autumn. Once applications are received, the CELA Awards Committee reviews and makes recommendations to the CELA board. The committee, in any year, may choose not to bestow an award.