Council of Educators in Landscape Architecture

2022-23 Board of Directors Announced at CELA Conference in New Mexico

CELA (Council of Educators in Landscape Architecture)

Santa Ana Pueblo, N.M. – At the Business Meeting at the 2022 CELA Annual Conference in Santa Ana Pueblo, New Mexico, The Council of Educators in Landscape Architecture (CELA) announced the 2022-23 CELA Leadership.

“I’m pleased to welcome the incoming elected leadership and their commitment for service to the CELA,” said David Myers, incoming CELA President. “Under this leadership, the CELA will continue to move forward its vision of a world shaped by landscape architects and continue with our mission to support educators to advance the profession.”

The CELA welcomed six new members to the Board of Directors, and reinstated one member to his current position:

  • Chingwen Cheng, Arizona State University, President-Elect
  • Simon Bussiere, University of Hawai’i at Mānoa, Second Vice President
  • Sarah Little, University of Oklahoma, Vice President of Research & Creative Scholarship
  • Lori A. Catalano, Colorado State University, Region 3 Director
  • Gareth Doherty, Harvard University, Region 7 Director
  • Nadia Amoroso, University of Guelph, Region 9 Director
  • Isiah Dashiell, University of Maryland, Student Director-Elect

The CELA commended the ongoing service of the following Board Members:

  • David Myers, University of Maryland, President
  • Galen D. Newman, Texas A&M University, Past President
  • Taner Ozdil, University of Texas at Arlington, Past Vice President of Research & Creative Scholarship
  • Erik Schiller, Illinois Institute of Technology, Student Director

The CELA welcomed back the following Board members who are mid-term:

  • Kirk Dimond, University of Arizona, Treasurer
  • Jun-Hyun Kim, Michigan State University, Secretary & VP for Communications, Outreach, & Publications
  • Marc Miller, Pennsylvania State University, VP for Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, & Recruitment
  • Katherine Kraszewska, University of Washington, Region 1 Director
  • Claire Napawan, University of California, Davis, Region 2 Director
  • Mark A. Hoistad, University of Nebraska–Lincoln, Region 4 Director
  • David Barbarash, Purdue University, Region 5 Director
  • Jessica Fernandez, University of Georgia, Region 6 Director
  • Muhammed Ali Ornek, Istanbul Technical University, Region 8 Director
  • Mintai Kim, University of Virginia, Region 10

Download the 2022-23 CELA Board Press Release.