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Ground Transportation Information for 2017 CELA Conference

CELA (Council of Educators in Landscape Architecture)

Ground Transportation Information for 207 CELA Conference

The Chinese hosts for the 2017 Council of Educators in Landscape Architecture Annual Conference in Beijing (May 26 through May 29) offer the following information about ground transportation for those arriving at Beijing Capitol International Airport (PEK.)

The Subway

Beijing’s subway system has 15 lines. The fare is 3-9 RMB. Trains run from 5:30 a.m. – 11:00 p.m. Tickets can be purchased at the ticket office at each station or at an automatic ticketing machine. Subway stops are announced over the train’s speaker system in Chinese and English. Commonly, there are four entryways in four directions for each stop; make careful note which exit to take when leaving the station. Look for signs with the main destinations at crossings of the passageway. Also note that restrooms are located on the platform level or in the ticket hall of each station.

The Airport Express Line of the Subway serves the airport from Terminal 3 to Terminal 2 and then takes passengers to Dongzhimen via Sanyuanqiao. It carries passengers to the airport in twenty minutes from the city center, covering a distance of 28 kilometers.



  1. Tickets are issued for one-day single use only.
  2. It is suggested to prepare loose change beforehand to take metro. At most stations passengers can buy the ticket either at the Customer Service Center or self-service ticket vending machine, but some stations are only equipped with ticket vending machines which accept 1RMB coins, 5RMB and 10RMB banknotes.



Taxis in Beijing have several colors; all show a taximeter inside. You can easily find taxis in every part of Beijing. All Taxis will charge 2.3RMB per kilometer with a base rate or minimum charge of 13RMB.


The price is calculated exactly by every 500 meters (547 yards) and every 2.5 minutes.

  1. The price will be rounded to the whole number of Chinese Yuan. For example, 15.4RMB will be rounded down to 15RMB, and 15.6RMB will be rounded up to CNY 16.
  2. The toll for an expressway or a bridge should be extra paid by the passengers.
  3. There is an empty run of about 50 kilometers (31 miles) while returning to the city center. So, few drivers would like to have a single run to the spot. It is best to hire one for a round trip under this circumstance.


Transportation Advice

  • The Subway Station nearest to the Holiday Inn Hotel (approximately 527m, 7 minutes on foot) from QingHuaDongLuXiKou Station (Exit B, Line 15). Visitors can take airport express train (25RMB per time) from Beijing Capital Airport to Sanyuanqiao Station, buying a ticket to exchange Line 10 (Taiyanggong Direction), arriving at Shaoyaoju Station to exchange Line 13 (Xizhimen Direction), then arriving at Wangjingxi Station to exchange Line 15 (Qinghuaxiludongkou Direction) to get to Qinghuaxiludongkou Station. It will takes approximately 70 minutes.
  • Whether those taking a taxi will spend around 100RMB (US $15, kindly noted the driver only accept cash in Chinese, and no credit card) from airport to Holiday Inn Hotel with 33km about 40 minutes without traffic jam, or it will take 1 hour. Visitors can provide hotel information in Chinese and English to driver:                 “北京红杉假日酒店,北京市海淀区双清路89号A座
  • Beijing Holiday Inn Haidian, Tower A No.89 Shuangqing Road, Haidian District, Beijing.
  • Ignore any “taxi” drivers inside the airport terminal, and proceed directly to the official taxi waiting area (only one in each terminal) by following the airport signage (both in Chinese and English), to an official taxi with a sign on the roof and with the driver’s registration card.
  • Make sure the taxi is metered and ask for a receipt when alighting from a cab because the details of the car are listed in it. This is useful should you have any problems such as leaving property behind.