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The Green New Deal Superstudio

“A national conversation about how the framework of the Green New Deal can be translated into actual projects and where, as a matter of priority these projects should take place, what will they look like, who will they serve, and how will they roll out.” The Green New Deal Superstudio is a national, historic year-long […]


Executive Committee Regional Directors Past Board CELA Regions Special Services CELA Standing Committees     Sadik Artunç President (2020 – 2021) Professor & Head Department of Landscape Architecture College of Agriculture & Life Sciences Mississippi State University         Galen D. Newman President-Elect (2020-2021) Associate Professor & Associate Department Head Department of […]

Taner R. Özdil, Candidate for CELA Vice President of Research

Dr. Taner R. Özdil, ASLA – Associate Professor of Landscape Architecture, CAPPA – College of Architecture, Planning and Public Affairs, The University of Texas at Arlington Dr. Özdil is an Associate Professor for the Landscape Architecture Program and Associate Director for Research for The Center for Metropolitan Density (CfMD) at College of Architecture, Planning and […]

100 + 1 | RESILIENCE Conference 2021

The CELA Annual Conference offers the opportunity to present and exchange ideas which impact the earth through the tenets of landscape architecture including, but not limited to, environmental design, art, science, communication, architecture, historic preservation, planning, sociology, justice, health, design thinking, construction management, engineering and related disciplines, in addressing global issues through design professions. The […]


The Executive Board of CELA is accepting nominations for its annual election of Officers and Regional Directors through Friday, December 6, 2019. The offices up for election are: First Vice President/President Elect (three-year term 2020-2023) Second Vice President (two-year term 2020-2022) Vice President for Research and Creative Scholarship (two-year term 2020-2022) Student Director (two-year term 2020-2022) […]

President’s Message April 2019

Dear CELA Members, CELA 2019: Engaged Scholarship, hosted by UC Davis was an outstanding conference with almost 400 attendees, resulting in 112 posters, 264 presentations, 11 panels and 66 full paper submissions! A special thank you goes out to Patsy Owens, Yiwei Huang, Meaghan Lidd and the other UC Davis faculty and students for hosting […]

April 2019 Conference Call

Agenda  LJ Gold OA Proposal 2019 Conference Registration Summary Consent agenda: approval of the March 2019 Minutes, financial update (03-2019 Treasurers Rpt 0319 Balance Sheet Prev Yr Comp 0319 Balance Sheet 0319 Bank Statements 0319 P&L Budget vs Actual 0319 P&L Detail YTD 0319 P&L Detail 0319 P&L Prev Yr Comp 0319 P&L, and IMI hours. […]

Management and Operations Committee report and documents

1.-BOD-responsibilities-organized-by-position (2) 2. Orientation Policy 2.1 Welcome Letter 2.2 President Elect orientation 2.2 Regional Director orientation 2.3 CELA Regions 2.4 Standing Committees 2.5 Volunteer statement of mutual agreement Standing Committee on Management and Operations report Core of Services by IMI CELA-BOD-Expense-Reimbursement Form 2019-2020 CELA Calendar 3-21-19-2

Call for Nominations

CELA OFFICERS AND REGIONAL DIRECTORS The Executive Board of CELA is accepting nominations for its annual election of Officers and Regional Directors through Monday, December 3, 2018. The 2019 offices up for election are: First Vice President/President Elect (for a three-year term 2019-2022) Treasurer (two-year term 2019-2021) Student Director (2019-2021) Regional Director for Region 3 […]