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2024 Call for Abstracts Has Closed

2024 Call for Abstracts Has Closed


Thank you to all who have submitted and to our team of reviewers!

2024 Call for Abstracts Information

Taking Action: Making Change – Landscape architecture plays a vital role in shaping our built environment and addressing the pressing challenges of our time. As the world grapples with issues such as climate change, urbanization, and social inequality, landscape architects are positioned to lead and to contribute, in creating positive, transformative, and resilient change. The conference theme, “Taking Action: Making Change,” calls upon landscape architecture educators to meet this challenge and drive meaningful impact.

The Annual CELA 2024 conference, in St. Louis, provides a platform for landscape architecture educators to share inspiring case studies, research findings, and pedagogical approaches that empower educators, students, and communities.

**Newly Revived Film + New Media Track

New Media, such as film and virtual reality (VR), play critical roles in the inquiries of landscape architecture. They provide powerful visual tools that help communicate design research, methodologies, and findings. Emerging technologies also provide insight into the future of how landscape may be explored, developed, and depicted. Examples include, but are not limited to film, virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), or mixed reality (MR), or other types of creative scholarship best demonstrated interactively. Presenters may participate in Oral Presentations, Panel Sessions, or Poster/Demonstration Session formats. We welcome creative work of all types.

Authors submitting to the Film + New Media Track are required to submit a written abstract that includes a URL link to an excerpt or work sample for review. The written abstract must include a URL link (to Vimeo or a similar password-protected site) and the password. The excerpt or work sample hosted on the password-protected site must be 5-7 minutes in duration and representative of the quality and content of the final presentation.

Submission decisions will be based on the review of the abstract and the excerpt of the creative work. If the abstract and work sample are accepted, you will receive email instructions on preparing for your work for presentation. Please note that you will be responsible for bringing any technology beyond typical conference set-ups, including VR or AR devices.

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Abstract submission Deadline

  09/15/2023 12:00 am (midnight) – author’s time zone

All Accepted Abstract Presenters Must Register by 1/31/24