Council of Educators in Landscape Architecture

CELA Call For Student Director Nominations (Second Position)

CELA (Council of Educators in Landscape Architecture)

November 21, 2017


Dear CELA Academic Administrator:

The CELA Board of Directors has established a 2nd Student Director position on the Board.  This means that there will be a student position on the ballot every year going forward (these are two-year terms.)

Listed below are the application criteria for the 2018-2020 Student Director position on the CELA Board.  We invite you to review these criteria, and in consultation with your faculty, consider one of your outstanding students as a prospective nominee.

Nominees should be available to carry out the obligations of the position for the full length of the term, even if he or she graduates during their final year of service.

It is expected that a Student Director member of the CELA Board will be supported by his or her institution with travel support to attend CELA’s annual conferences.  CELA will supplement that support with meals and accommodations for the two day Annual Board meeting which precedes CELA’s annual conferences (travel costs to the conference, along with accommodations at the conference hotel–are to be borne by the student or the institution.)

Please forward the information to any student you feel would be an outstanding candidate, and please feel free to share with your faculty, as well.

  1. A statement of interest (400 words maximum)
  2. A short bio/personal statement (400 words maximum)
  3. A nominating letter from a departmental administrator (Chair/Director/Head) indicating the level of travel support that will be provided to enable the applicant’s participation at the Annual Board meeting.  The annual Board meeting is held one or two days in advance of the annual conference at the conference site.  (Note:  CELA’s Student Director receives an annual $1500 Janet Singer Scholarship to help offset registration and other costs related to their attendance at the annual conference.  This amount must be spent directly to support travel, board and/or accommodations to the annual conference.)
  4. A letter of support from the CELA Regional Director of the nominating institution, or from a current member of the CELA Board Executive Committee, in which he or she agrees to serve as a willing mentor of the Student Director during the two year term.
  5. All nomination materials should be forwarded as a PDF to these two email addresses:;

The eligibility requirements and expectations as listed in the CELA Constitution and Bylaws are:

Article 3.2.2 – The Student Director shall be enrolled in a professional landscape architecture degree program at a CELA Member School or a Ph.D./Doctoral student holding at least one (1) professional degree in landscape architecture. The student director serves a two-year term. 

The position of Student Director is established to bring landscape architecture student issues to the attention of the CELA Board and to communicate the activities of the CELA Board to the community of students in landscape architecture.  Students are the future of the academic discipline and should be supported through activities of the annual CELA conference and other scholarly outlets.  Active communication with students through a Student Director to the CELA Board ensures that student needs are discussed and addressed with expediency.  In addition, the Student Director should communicate the activities of the CELA Board to students through related student organizations nationally and internationally.  The Student Director is expected to establish and maintain adequate means of communication to the landscape architecture student body. 

The deadline for applications is MIDNIGHT, MONDAY, JANUARY 22, 2018 (submitter’s time zone.)   Nominations will be reviewed and ranked by the members of CELA’s Standing Committee on Awards and Recognitions, with a final vote from the full CELA Board of Directors.  The student selected for this two year appointment will assume his or her position at the 2017 CELA Annual Conference at Virginia Tech University









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