Council of Educators in Landscape Architecture


CELA (Council of Educators in Landscape Architecture)


January 17th, 2017

Dear CELA Members,

We hope you had a restful winter break, and we wish you an inspiring and generative spring semester. Please take a few minutes to review the following updates:

Elections: A news release regarding this year’s CELA elections is posted on the CELA
website ( A copy of the ballot and bios of candidates may be found
there. Administrators, please check your inboxes for the current election ballot.

Remember, department heads act as delegates, with one vote representing the voice of the School. Please review the candidate bios with your faculty/colleagues and hold a discussion before casting a vote. If you have any questions about the candidates, you may contact your Regional Director or us and we will do our best to provide additional
information. We strongly urge you to get involved by doing your research, casting your vote and considering running for a position in our next election.

Bridging: CELA Conference in Beijing: Our Chinese hosts are hoping to have the registration page open by January 27th, 2017. Included will be information about invitation letters to the conference, applying for visas, CELA workshops, field trips, and other important information. The conference website will be updated over the next few weeks, so please continue to monitor it for additional

The FORUM: We had a bit of a hick-up with the Spring 2016 issue of The FORUM. Without getting into details, the hold up prompted us to redefine The FORUM as a student run publication.

We are excited about giving students a stronger voice within CELA and mentoring our next generation of educators. We feel that The FORUM also has the potential to become an excellent recruitment tool by showing prospective students what it is our students do and the breadth of landscape architecture.

The deadline for Student Director Nominees is this coming Monday, January 23rd (see announcement at the end of this letter on page 4). If you have a student in your department that might be interested and a good fit for the Student Director, please consult with your colleagues and your program Chair/Director/Head.

Regional Directors: Administrators, please expect a call from your Regional Director at some point during the semester. Your Regional Director would like to get to know your department and represent you and your needs as best as possible. A list of the Regional Directors can be found on page 3 of this letter.

The website: We love our new website, except when it doesn’t work. We have had reports about getting a “server not found” message, regardless of the browser, although using Google may bring more success. Our server and our host have been monitoring the
situation and are searching for solutions, but please let us know if you incur problems.

Share your success stories: In dark times it is particularly important to share our success stories and fuel the energy and connections necessary to sustain our physical and psychological environments. Please send your pithy stories and images to Jun Kim at The stories will be posted to Facebook and linked to our website.

Finally, we’d like to leave you with this passage from Rebecca Solnit’s book Hope in the Dark: Untold Histories, Wild Possibilities

After a rain mushrooms appear on the surface of the earth as if from nowhere. Many do so from a sometimes vast underground fungus that remains invisible and largely unknown. What we call mushrooms mycologists call the fruiting body of the larger, less visible fungus. Uprisings and revolutions are often considered to be spontaneous, but less visible long-term organizing and groundwork — or underground work — often laid the foundation. Changes in ideas and values also result from work done by writers, scholars, public intellectuals, social activists, and participants in social media. It seems insignificant or peripheral until very different outcomes emerge from transformed assumptions about who and what matters, who should be heard and believed, who has rights. Ideas at first considered outrageous or ridiculous or extreme gradually become what people think they’ve always believed. How the transformation happened is rarely remembered, in part because it’s compromising: it recalls the mainstream when the mainstream was, say, rabidly homophobic or racist in a way it no longer is; and it recalls that power comes from the shadows and the margins, that our hope is in the dark around the edges, not the limelight of center stage. Our hope and often our power.

Katya Crawford, President | | 505.379.0772
Pat Taylor, Interim Director | | 214. 673.4544

To access the full Letter from the President, click the link at the top of the page.

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